Level 2 at Rainbow Place

Level 2 at Rainbow Place

As we move from Alert Level 3 to Level 2 of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Thursday 21st May, Wewanted to update you and let you know what the services from Rainbow Place will look like at Level 2.

We are continually being guided by the Government, Ministry of Health and the Hospice Waikato Leadership Team on these decisions. The Rainbow Place respite Room 11 in our Inpatient Unit will reopen for planned respite on Tuesday 19th May. We will be contacting families on our current waiting list in the first instance to offer a stay, but understand that parents will have concerns about coming out of their bubbles and into a health care setting, please discuss these concerns with your Rainbow Place Nurse.

We have strict guidelines that we are following to protect our patients/families and staff in place in the Inpatient Unit. If you would like to book ahead, please speak to your Rainbow Place nurse or email Carrie (at carrie.rauber@hospicewaikato.org.nz).

The Rainbow Place Nursing Team: We will continue to work from home and will continue to contact our Rainbow Place families on a regular basis via your preferred contact method - this can be via Zoom video call, a telephone call or a text. If you would like an essential home visit please speak with your Rainbow Place Nurse. Whilst Room 11 is open we will have 2 Rainbow Place nurses on site at Hospice from 08:00 until 16:30 to coordinate the child’s stay and address any concerns.

The Parent Carers Group: This group will continue to take place weekly via Zoom on a Tuesday morning from 10:30 until 11:30, and will always have a Rainbow Place Nurse and a member of our Family Services Team present to say hello to and for you ask any questions, and of course Nolan our music Therapist will also be there with a song. We are open to any suggestions for this group to make it more interactive and suitable to the needs of parents and families. If you do have any ideas or suggestions, please email Carrie. This will continue as a virtual group during Level 2 .

• Room 11 will reopen on Tuesday 19th May - continue with Respite waiting list running from Tuesdays at midday until to Fridays at 2 pm.

• Rainbow Place Health Care Assistants to be back on the respite roster from Tuesday 19th May.

• Carrie and Zoe will work with Sarah, Laura and Jane to plan the respite waiting list.( Due to new team members and new IPU process’s to learn we will look at children with low clinical needs first )

• Karen W and Zoe will ensure the IPU roster is staffed adequately.

• Zoe and Karen to plan any education that is required.

• Zoe / Karen / Ebony to check appropriate infection control measures are in place.

• No volunteers on site until Level 1 due to reducing staff numbers on site - HCAs to plan play activities during level 2.

• Terminal clean of Room 11 to be arranged by Karen W and Rhonda post respite stays.

• IPU visitors – some restrictions remain in place with only 2 visitors allowed at a time and only one who can stay with the patient overnight (Visiting hours 10 am - 4 pm), with exception of close family members who can visit outside of visiting hours with agreement from senior nurse on duty.

• First time Rainbow Place admissions to IPU will have 1 parent staying with them for first 24 hours as normal.

• 2 Rainbow Place nurses to be onsite during room 11 being open, the remaining two RP nurses will be working from home (tag teams)

• Essential face to face visits only (physical distancing to remain, minimum of 1 metre), please discuss with myself or Wayne if you are planning a face to face meeting.

• Ensure a pre-visit COVID-19 Triage assessment is completed in PalCare. If there is any risk of exposure or the risk is unclear, follow PPE use guidelines (attached).

• Staff to wear gloves and masks for all home visits.

• Loan equipment cleaned as normal unless a positive COVID-19 case has been reported from the patient.

• Two staff members can travel in a hospice car.

• No parent/carers group in the building until level 1 - continue with virtual group.

• Please use new defined admissions process - IPU checklist.

• Physical distancing with staff and patients / parents at all times - minimum of 1 metre (unless performing care that requires close physical contact – then consider use of PPE).

• Main reception will remain closed unless clinics are running.

• IPU doors remain locked outside visiting hours.

• Rainbow Place lounge and Art therapy room to be opened / cleaned and available and added to cleaners list for daily clean.