IPU / Respite and symptom control

IPU / Respite and symptom control

Rainbow Place also offers on-site respite care. This helps to ensure the whole family/whānau get the support (and sleep) needed.

Our focus in the In-Patient Unit (IPU) is on managing your child’s symptoms and improving quality of life, working in partnership with you in order to provide you with the very best individualised care possible.

Our team includes specialist paediatric palliative care nurses who work closely with your child's Lead Paediatrician to plan your child's care, working in partnership with the parents at all times. We recognise that you are the experts in your child's care and the care we offer is always determined by your child needs. It is our priority to ensure your child is as comfortable as possible whilst in IPU.

IPU patients have access to our Family Services team which includes social workers, counsellors, spiritual care coordinator, music therapist, volunteers and massage therapist, unless you are receiving this care from another agency such as True Colours or a Social Services agency.

Our team is committed to providing holistic care and respecting your cultural and spiritual needs.

Our skilled professionals provide clinical support with care and compassion. Time spent identifying the needs of you and your family/ whānau will help ensure that treatment and care is the best possible. This approach is central to our philosophy.

Our dedicated children's room is private and spacious, with its own en suite, TV, and outdoor area. Lounge areas with kitchenettes are available for use by patients, family/whānau and friends.

What is provided by Rainbow Place?

  • IPU offers warm, spacious rooms, including appropriate safe sleeping equipment, ensuite including a TV, game console if required, small fridge and a comfy sofa bed.
  • An electric bed/cot with cot sides, padding, air mattress
  • All staff have been trained in safe manual handling of patients and have access to a hoist, including paediatric slings (for children).
  • All meals are provided for the patient and carer.
  • A food plan for the patient will be developed on admission. Please advise us prior to admission of any special dietary requirements
  • A relaxed family room and kitchenette, for sharing time with patients and family or visitors.
  • A quiet room for reflection.
  • An attractive private garden area.
  • A whānau room is available for family to stay on site, when travelling from outside of Hamilton, by prior arrangement.

What do I need to bring for my child?

In addition to the specialised care that the child requires, you will need to bring with you everything that you would normally need at home, such as:

  • Advance care plan (if you have one)
  • Feeding pumps and equipment
  • A copy of the current dietitian’s feeding plan
  • Special seating or wheelchair
  • Specialised postural equipment, including standing frame or sleep systems
  • Specialised bathing equipment e.g. shower chair
  • Special comfort items e.g. for a child:- a favourite toy, blanket, dvd, etc
  • Nappies or other sanitary requirements
  • All medications including emergency rescue medications.

Please ensure all medications are clearly labelled with name of the patient, medication dose and frequency.
N.B. Rainbow Place nurses and doctors will only give what is stated on the bottle or packet. Any change in the dosage from the date of the medication being prescribed must be accompanied by documentation from your doctor, specialist or paediatrician.

If you have any questions please call Hospice Waikato Inpatient Unit on (07) 859 3830 or discuss with your Rainbow Place nurse

Family Accommodation

A family/whānau unit for our rural families is available. This is usually reserved for families of patients who are in ‘End of Life’ care.